Music tours in London

Responsibilities: UI Personal project Credits: UX by Create

The new london music experience

London Vibes app offers a new experience to music lovers who are traveliing or living in London. Young people who love music are invented to take part in music streets tours at night, based on their preferences. The design was inspired by music posters and nightlife scene.

Just pick your style

These are the components that show the music genres of the tours for filtering purpose. The number represents how many tours are available in the specific music genre.

Browse available tours

In the main screen, the user can scroll and explore the available tours. The left screen shows a list of all tours while the right screen shows the tours after applying filters.

Filter by Date or Location

The user can also filter the tours by date range or by choosing a specific location among nearby places.

Chat with your guide

In any question regarding the available tours, the user can contact his guide and start chatting with him.

All you need to know about the tour

The other section of the app screens is a selected tour full details, where the user can also see reviews of past participants, additional info about the guide and other suggestions for music tours with the same guide.