What would you like to do when you grow up?

This question has always had multiple answers, until I discovered the field of user experience design.

After graduating Life Sciences B.Sc with honors and being a research assistant at the Navy, I realized I am missing the practical side and wanted to feel more connected with people. As soon as I finished my military service, I decided to go with my passion as an entrepreneur and create an escape room.

I was excited by the opportunity to create a unique experience that people genuinely enjoy. While managing the escape room, I got exposed to the digital world, working on my website and marketing. At that point, it came clear to me that I found my true passion.

I started investing in becoming a professional UX/UI designer and graduated from a visual communication school, “Hasifa” at The Open University of Israel. During my studies, I became more focused on user experience design and user-centered thinking. I was eager to dive deeper and signed up for a UX diploma at “Create School.” After working two years as a product designer, I know that I have found a career I am genuinely passionate about.



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