E-commerce website

Responsibilities: UI Personal project Credits: UX by Create

Looking for ski equipment?

ELK is a ski equipment website that sells best brands products, and also sell its own brand. The target audience is men aged 40-50, who go to ski resort every year and look for high quality equipment.

Inspired by the cold white mountains

The elegance of ski, the cold air and the white wide landscapes are among the main reasons that attract many people to this sport.The goal of this design was to give the user the feeling that one gets when visiting a ski site and breath the cold freshed air.

Product page? It’s all about the details

The product page has a lot of content. My challenge in the design of this page was to display everything in a way that the user will easily find what he is looking for, while at the same time be impressed by the design.

Bring ski into e-commerce

We all know the common e-commerce icons, they can be in many shapes and designs but genreally looks similar among many websites.In my design, the classic e-commerce icons were replaced by icons that represent the world of ski.






Surf directly from your mobile device

Nowadays, people use mobile devices to purchase online on a daily basis. The design was adapted for smaller sizes, to give the best experience for mobile phone users.